Damage Waiver FAQ

Who is responsible for the general liability insurance coverage?

The lessee (renter) is responsible for the general liability insurance on all equipment rented.


Is it mandatory for my company to have general liability coverage on equipment my company rents?

Yes. General liability must be provided with minimum limits set by NorthStar.


Can my company rent from NorthStar if my company does not have general liability insurance?

No. General liability provided by your company is mandatory and must show NorthStar as addition insured with copy on file at NorthStar.


If my company has insurance on the equipment it rents, why must my insurance company name NorthStar additional insured?

In the event of a loss, NorthStar and your insurance company handle the claim directly.


If my company provides proof of general liability coverage, are we excluded from the 14% damage waiver charge?

No. Your insurance policy must have an equipment rider with replacement value coverage on the equipment naming NorthStar addition insured on the lessed/rented equipment.


What is the damage waiver and what does it cover?

Damage waiver covers the loss of equipment in the event of theft or vandalism. It is the responsibility of the lessee to ensure the equipment is stored in a safe and secure location at all times. Damage waiver does not cover any damage to the equipment other than theft or vandalism. NorthStar must be notified immediately should vandalism or theft occur. A police report must be filed within 24 hours in the community the incident occurred. NorthStar will attempt to recoup any losses directly with your insurance company even if your company elects to purchase the damage waiver.


Can I get a refund if there is no claim or I provide insurance coverage after I rent the equipment?

No. NorthStar must provide additional insurance to cover the loss damage waiver on all equipment in the event of a loss. Your insurance company will cover any claims prior to the date the coverage was provided and our insurance company will not return any premiums for the coverage we have purchased. However, the damage waiver charge will be removed effective the date we receive the insurance company provides equipment coverage naming NorthStar addition insured provided the coverage meets or exceeds our insurance requirements.


What coverage does my company need to avoid paying the loss damage waiver?

Your company must have the minimum coverage listed on our insurance requirements form.


Who is responsible for damage to equipment rented equipment from NorthStar?

All damages for any reason are the responsibility of the lessee/renter. All repairs will be invoiced at time and material used.  The rental will continue until the unit is restored to pre-rental condition.